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Master Freshman Week WS22/23

Here you can find a summary of the programm for new master students.

Program Master Freshmen Week

We organized a program for new students starting this summer term. It is mainly for undergraduates, but graduate students are also welcome! 

You can to register for multible event on https://ersti.fachschaft.tf/ with your RZ-account (xy123). You will receive your RZ- account after your enrollment at the UNI.

It's always possible that the time or meeting point of an event is changed. Please check this site shortly before each event and read your emails after registration.


Date Time Event Meeting Point
Thursday, Oct 06 7pm Lasertag Lasertag Denzlingen
Friday, Oct 07 2pm Mister X TF - Building 101
Saturday, Oct 08 12pm Kubb + BBQ


TF - Building 051

Oct 10

4pm Repairing Electronics I

TF - Building 051

Oct 10
7pm Pubquiz


Tuesday, Oct 11

5pm Games night
TF - Building 051
Tuesday, Oct 11 7pm Choir Familiarization tour TF - Building 051

Wednesday, Oct 12

4pm Beachvolleyball

TF - Building 051

Wednesday, Oct 12

7pm Bartour


Thursday, Oct 13

4pm Callisthenics and Slackline

TF - Building 051

Thursday, Oct 13

8pm Movie Evening w/ AKA Filmclub

Biology Auditorium, Schänzlestraße 1

Friday, Oct 14

4pm Repairing Electronics II

TF - Building 051

Friday, Oct 14

7pm Camp Fire Evening

Wolfswinkel 1

Saturday, Oct 15

1pm Hiking Tour


Monday, Oct 17

6pm Cityrallye

Math Auditorium, Round Building

Tuesday, Oct 18

3pm Minigolf

TF - Building 051

Wednesday, Oct 19

3pm Kubb

TF - Building 051

Thursday, Oct 20

3pm Tabletennis Tournament


Friday, Oct 21

7pm Bouldering


Saturday, Oct 22

1pm Bierkastenlauf


Monday, Oct 24

6pm Student Council's Meeting TF - Building 051


Even though it's possible to just come along to some events a registration helps us with the organization and registered students always take precedence. Please also attend to the events you registered for!

Again, you can Register for events at  https://ersti.fachschaft.tf/ .
If you have trouble logging into this site,
please send us an email.


If you have any questions you can always write us an email:


(Attn: there might be changes ragarding the Meeting Point or Time of individual Events!)


On this occation we will be having a nice Bbq together and will be playing some Kubb. Here you get the chance to get to know your fellow students and us, from the students council.

It would be good for everyone to bring their own stuff to put on the grill, we will be having drinks ffor a small price.

Pub Crawl

A classic in all freshmen weeks - a pub crawl. We will probably visit four pubs (different kinds, hopefully something for everyone) in groups. Please register in time so that we can reserve enough tables. You have to pay whatever you drink and eat yourself.

After we had a look at the different pubs, its kind of usual for the several groups to visit a club together. If you're still up for that by then, you are welcome to join there aswell.


Pub Quiz is an event that has a long tradition in British and Irish pubs. Once a week teams of guests battle each other by answering questions of different topics like sports, music, politics, ...
We meet at the Stadttheater at 6:30 p.m. and walk together to the pub "O'Kellys", where the event takes place. Make sure to take enough money with you, because the prices in the pub are not student friendly. 

Game Night

To calm down from the exausting events,
we will get together to play some oldschool card- or boardgames.
We have a huge variaty of games and you are welcome to bring your own.


Pretty self-explanatory.
Freiburg is surrounded by beautiful nature, so lets get outside :)
Remember to wear hiking shoes (as it's called hiking and not walking) and wear appropriate clothes. The distance will be about 8 km.


At this event you get the chance to relive the experience of the robot Obelix, who back in Aug 2012 managed to drive all the way to Bertholtsbrunnen. To make your task a bit harder, every team has to take a whole box of beer with them.


As commonly known as LaserTag might be, here a small explaination: in a mondern sport experience, you team up with your friends, equipped with Laserguns and Detectorwests and try to defeat the adverse team. A round costs 7 euros, normally there are 2 to 3 rounds beeing played.

Mister X

Mister X is a beloved game, where you have to find a person in the city by identifying there location from pics they send. For that purpose we will be using the public transportation services in Freiburg.

Camp Fire Evening

We want to get together with you guys at a camp fire evening, where we will be having stick bread, guitar music and singing some songs. If you want to bring food to grill, we would recommend stuff that you can put on a stick for grilling. We will be bringing drinks for low prices, if you'd like you can bring your guitar or a blanket, since its going to get cold.


You get to know where in Freiburg the important places and buildings for your studies are in a fun game with quests to achieve points. The price to participate will be 3 euros, so we can buy the winner some price. The tour will be starting a 6pm at the maths auditorium.

Film w/ AKA Filmclub

Together with the AKA Filmclub (https://www.aka-filmclub.de/) we will be showing the movie "Mid90s" in its original Version (OV, english tone). Therefore we arranged to use the biology auditorium, were we will be having professional equipment. We will be supplying snacks and drinks, you can still bring your own stuff though.


In the Seepark, close to Stusi, there is a place to play Minigolf. We will be using that chance to have a nice game and then spend some time in the Seepark.

Repairing Electronics

The idea here is to meet at our workshop, to repair old laptops and such alike. If you dont have stuff to fix, you can still come over to help others or just learn about our workshop.

After the first meeting on Oct,10th we will be ordering neccessary parts to fix your devices at our secound meeting on Oct,14th.

Choir Familiarization Tour

We will be visiting the choir Chorissimo, to give you the chance to experience their choir first hand. If you look at their website you will notice, that much changed once you visit them!

Unfortunatly due to corona the choir lost many members, which might seem like a bad thing - but actually thats just the perfect chance for you to join them.

Three members of the students council are also members of the choir, so with Vincent, Steph and Leander you have people from almost all branches at the TF (MST, ESE and IT).

Everyone is very welcome to have a nice evening with the people from the choir.


This is very self-explanatory. We recommend long sleeves and a pair of pants that you can change after its sandy.

Callisthenics, Slackline in the Seepark

Here we will be trianing with the weight of our own bodys - so sit-ups, muscle-ups and such alike. You dont need to have any experiences, you can just check it out if you like. We will be in Seepark, so its possible to just come later our leave earlier. We will try to find programs that fit everyone, so we will be having programs for beginners, more advanced people and professionals - the main idea is to have fun together and enjoy the workout.

Student Council's Meeting

The student counsil is meeting every monday, but on this day we want to meet with the new students aswell. You get to know how the students council (kind of) normally works and besides that we will be starting to organize the christmas-lecture.

On the christmas-lecture we will be having Spekulatius and Glühwein while some Prof will try to give a funny lecture.


Kubb (Viking Chess) is a tossing and skill game. The rules are rather simple and will be explained in detail. Even though Kubb is a very emotional game, fair play is very important and expected from all players!

Flunkyball is a game without much to it.
You throw stuff, run, and drink beer.

This is great chance to show your dexterity and alcohol tolerance,
and make friends and enemies for life :)


Bouldering is the number one climbing sport. Thats because you can just start right away, you dont need to be experienced or bring equipment, since wou can just rent that. We will be in the Boulderkitchen (Munzinger Str. 4, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau) but we will be meeting at the TF to go there together. We recommend sports wear and a water bottle.

Tabletennis at TIK

During your studies, the T.I.K. will be a place of everything but studying. Regardless, we will be starting our semester here with a fine table tennis tournament. You dont need to bring skills or bats, since we will be providing the bats and you can find a solution for any skill-related issues spontaneously.

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