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Master Freshmen Week

Here you can find a summary of the programm for new master students.

Program Master Freshmen Week

We organized a program for new students starting this winter term. It is mainly for undergraduates, but graduate students are also welcome! 

If you want to register for an event, just stop by at the "Fachschaftsraum"  (00-028 in building 51) during the freshman week or write an E-Mail to: erstiorga@fachschaft.tf.uni-freiburg.de.

It's always possible that the time or meeting point of an event is changed. Please check this site shortly before each event and read your emails after registration.


Date Time Event Meeting Point
October 10
7:00 p.m. Lasertag Laser Space
October 12
12:00 a.m. Barbecue Mensa TF
October 13
TBA Bicycle tour Mensa TF

Freshmen Week

Daily breakfast: During the beginners week you will have the opportunity to have breakfast in the Fachschaftsraum (00-028 in building 51) each morning.  

Date Time Event Meeting Point
Monday, October 14 6:30 p.m. Pubquiz Stadttheater
Tuesday, October 15 5:00 p.m. Brewery tour (german language) Gebäude 101
Wednesday, October 16 7:00 p.m. Pub Crawl Stadttheater
Thursday, October 17 8:00 p.m. Lasertag Laser Space
Friday, October 18 7:00 p.m. Planetarium (german language) Eingang Hauptbahnhof

Saturday, October 19

12:00 a.m. Barbecue & Kubb tournament Mensa TF

Sunday, October 20

TBA Mister X Gebäude 101

First week of lectures

Date Time Event Meeting Point
Monday, October 21 6:30 p.m. Pubquiz Stadttheater
Tuesday, October 22 8:00 p.m. Boardgame evening Fachschaftsraum 
Wednesday, October 23 TBA Campusrallye Gebäude 101
9:00 p.m. Muddommittwoch Mudombar (am Psychologischen
Sunday, October 27 TBA Hiking (12 km) Münsterplatz am alten Kaufhaus
(red building)


Even though it's possible to just come along to some events (especially breakfast and BBQ) a registration helps us with the organization and registered students always take precedence. Please also attend to the events you registered for!


If you have any questions you can always write us an email:


Slides of the presentation

Click here



We organize a BBQ at the faculty starting at 12 a.m. (open end). Please bring your own food (meat, tofu, vegetables, whatever). We will provide some barbecue sauces and bread. We also sell soft drinks and beer. You can find us just outside of building 51 at the faculty.


We prepare some eggs and bread with cheese, sausage etc. Join us in our room (00-028 in building 51). We'll make breakfast until around 11:30 a.m. So there's no problem if you're a late riser. A good opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Donations are welcome!

Pub Crawl

A classic in all freshmen weeks - a pub crawl. We will probably visit four pubs (different kinds, hopefully something for everyone) in groups. Please register in time so that we can reserve enough tables. You have to pay whatever you drink and eat.

Board Game Evening

We host board game evenings monthly. Everyone is invited to bring and play board games. The Fachschaft provides games such as Risk, Munchkin, Catan, Dominion and Skat.


The so called "Mudommittwoch" is an event where we go to a bar calles "Mudombar". It is for students only, so make sure you have your UniCard with you. 


Lasertag is a modern teamsport. Equipped with phaser and vest you have to fight the enemy team in a black light arena. The team with the higher amount of points wins. 
Costs: Each round costs 7€. Typically we play 2-3 rounds. 

Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz is an event that has a long tradition in british and irish pubs. Once a week teams of guests battle each other by answering questions of different topics like sports, music, politics, ...
We meet at the Stadttheater at 6:30 p.m. and walk together to the pub "O'Kellys", where the event takes place. Make sure to take enough money with you, because the prices in the pub are not student friendly. 

Brewery tour

We will visit the brewery "Ganter", which is located in Freiburg. During the tour we will get to know the brewery and learn everything about brewing. At the end everyone will get a fresh beer and a drinking glass. 
Please note that this tour will be in german language.
Costs: 12.50€


Kubb (Viking Chess) is a tossing and skill game. The rules are rather simple and will be explained in detail. Even though Kubb is a very emotional game, fair play is very important and expected from all players!

Bicycle tour

We will do a tour to the surrounding region of Freiburg. If you don´t own a bike (yet), you will have the chance to rent one for free.


We will visit the planetarium in Freiburg, but we don´t know the show that will be played yet. 
Please note that it will be in german language.
Costs: For students it is 5€ (instead of 7.50€). Please don´t forget your UniCard.



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