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Master Freshmen Week SoSe23

Here you can find a summary of the programm for new master students.

Program Master Freshmen Week

We organized a program for new students starting this summer term. It is mainly for undergraduates, but graduate students are also welcome! 

You will be able to register for multible event on https://ersti.fachschaft.tf/ with your RZ-account (xy123). You will receive your RZ- account after your enrollment at the UNI.

It's always possible that the time or meeting point of an event is changed. Please check this site shortly before each event and read your emails after registration.



Date Time Event Meeting Point
14.04. 2 pm BBQ georges köhler allee 051 (bikestands)
14.04. 4pm Campustour georges köhler allee 101
14.04. 4:30 pm Kubb and Flunkyball

georges köhler allee 101, on the big grass field

16.04. 1 pm

Seepark day:

Beach Volleyball


Seepark at the east coast playground
(Canceled due to bad weather)

17.04. 6 pm Bouldering Blockhaus Merdinger Weg 6
18.04. 6pm Campfire night

Wolfswinkel campfire site

19.04. 7:30pm Pub crawl

Platz der alten Synagoge (city center near university library)

20.04. 6pm Game night

georges köhler allee 51

Room 028 (Fachschaftsraum)

21.04. 4pm Kubb and Flunkyball

georges köhler allee 101, on the big grass field

22.04.  5pm Chess Evening

georges köhler allee 51 (The attic room SR 03-026 )

Please also note the university dates here:

University Orientation Week Dates


Even though it's possible to just come along to some events a registration helps us with the organization and registered students always take precedence. Please also attend to the events you registered for!

Again, you can Register for events at  https://ersti.fachschaft.tf/ .
If you have trouble logging into this site,
please send us an email.


If you have any questions you can always write us an email:



Here you will have a chance to connect with your peers and 
the Fachschaft (us).

 Just a loose meet-up at the seepark. Won't take place in case of bad weather.


The Campus of our faculty is small but there are a few spots you should know.
To lern about those we will make a tour over our Campus.
Ultimately leading to our next event:

Kubb and Flunkyball

Kubb (Viking Chess) is a tossing and skill game. The rules are rather simple and will be explained in detail. Even though Kubb is a very emotional game, fair play is very important and expected from all players!

Flunkyball is a game without much to it.
You throw stuff, run, and drink beer.

This is great chance to show your dexterity and alcohol tolerance,
and make friends and enemies for life :)

Seepark day

At the Seepark there's plenty of activities:
- Chilling
- Swimming
- Beach Volleyball at the court inside the StuSie
- Frisbee
- Some Workout at the Callistenics park
and so on...

There's no single arrival date since there is no single activity - come along, if you feel like it.


Bouldering, the sport to get rid of all your stress and chat with others.

Bouldering is for everybody: Beginner and Advanced. You don't need anything! You can and should rent special climbing shoes there.

Game night

To calm down from the exausting events,
we will get together to play some oldschool card- or boardgames.
We have a huge variaty of games and you are welcome to bring your own.
If oldschool is not for you,
there is always a beamer and mario kart.

Chess Evening

Everyone can come, no matter whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player. We can play classical chess, rapid, blitz, bullet, casual, variants like bughouse, anything goes.

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